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Good Morning Image
Good Morning Image

Your account has been successfully recharged with My Care, My Love
& My Prayers. Please pay just “1″ Beautiful SMILe.
Subha bakhair!
Gud mrng

Asalamoalaikum…just watched Good morning Pakistan. Enjoyed very much. The only thing which I missed was the word Masha Allah which should have been used by everyone. Unless it’s His will nothing is possible. Hope u understand what I mean nothing personal. 🙂 Have a blast time. Happy anniversary. May u have this and many more inthe years coming…Insha Allah. ..Aameen

Sharing problems and asking for help doesn’t mean that we are weak and incomplete. It usually indicates an advanced level of TRUST.
Good Morning!

Relations are insurance policies against loneliness.
They need to be renewed with regular premium paid with communication, feelings, love and care.
Good Morning!

Go0d m0rning to those who likes me or n0t.
Gud m0rning to those who hates me or n0t.
Gud m0rning to those who loves me or n0t.
I dont care what people do, think or say.
I just know my why of life. Its a blessing of MY ALLAH and i m happy with that.
I m just like a candle.
Its up to u how will u use me?

Night has gone and the moon, too.
Sun is shinning and the sky is blue.
Time to open your beautiful eyes;
And accept my Good Morning message to you!