Top 10 Good Night Greeting Quotes Images Thought SMS

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Top 10 Good Night Greeting Quotes with Images Thought SMS

Sweet Good Night Image with Greeting Text

In the blink of an eye, everything can change,
So forgive often and love with all your heart,
Take no one for granted for, you never know what may happen tomorrow.
Good Night!

Sleep well, and that’s I’ll pray for you;
May you get what you want and through.
Wait for a new dawn and a day;
As I wish you a lovely night today.
Good Night My Friend!

A bed of clouds 4u to sleep,
Diamond stars as ur bed side lamp,
Angels from heaven singing lullabies 4u,
May u sleep peacefully, Good Night..

One must always welcome one’s problems;
Because problems gives us dual advice.
Firstly, one can know how to solve them;
Secondly, one learn how to avoid them in future.
And always have faith in God.
Good night!

The sun has gone to sleep;
The stars rule the skies.
May the gentle breeze of the night whisper, sweet scripts to you and gently nudge your eyes to sleep.
Good Night and Sweet Dreams!

 A goodnight text isn’t always
a text that says goodnight.
Sometimes it’s a random text at night
reminding someone how much they mean to you.

A new beginning awaits you as the night has come
Embrace it and sleep like a baby,
Close your eyes and forget everything
As it’s the end of another day,
For a new dawn
Good night my dear!

When Nights are long & Friends are few,
I sit by my Window & think of u.
a silent whisper a silent tear.
with all my Heart i wish you were here.
Good night & sweet dreams

Leave all your worries aside,
And close your eyes and sleep,
Many thoughts may ponder your mind and deep,
But, this shall too pass,
For a new dawn,
Wish you a lovely night!
Good night!

As peaceful as it can get
With the silent hue of the night,
As magical as it can get
With the shining moon so bright,
I just want to wish you a very pleasant good night
My dear do sleep tight!

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