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Maths Symbols Puzzle Maths Symbols with Answer

You can Insert Everything but Numbers, And you can't change everything. I'm pretty sure you can only insert on the left side of the equal-symbol. It is a challenge to all of you.

Funny Question SMS: Using Your Brain is Strictly Prohibited

You are in a boat in middle of river. You have two candles & have to light any one candle. You don't have anything with you in the boat to light them up. How to do it?

ON & OFF Do Friends They

ON ne dekha k fan OFF hy OFF ny nai dekha k fan ON hy OFF ny ON se kha k fan ON hy ON ny OFF se kha nhe OFF hy

Sawal Ghor Sey Parhna

Sawal ghor sey parho. Is ka answer kiya ho ga? Wo kon sa kam hai jo aadmi

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