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Bimari in Bollywood Style SMS Funny Text Message

BIMARI in bollywood style:- . 1. Jiya jale jaan jale, raat bhar dhuwaa chale= FEVER . 2. Tarap tarap k is dil se Aah nikalti rahi= HEART ATTACK. . 3BIMARI in bollywood style:-

Funny Question SMS: Using Your Brain is Strictly Prohibited

You are in a boat in middle of river. You have two candles & have to light any one candle. You don't have anything with you in the boat to light them up. How to do it?

Funny Husband Wife SMS: Wife rings at work

Wife rings at work and says "The windows are all frozen. What should I do?" Husband replied "Pour some warm water on them, but make sure it's not too hot or they will crack".

Student Funny Exam SMS: If u fail in exam….

But i will be with my father, so if i have failed in one subject say "Muslim says Asalam o Alaikum"

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