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Funny SMS: Pathan’s Theory About Moon

Moon is better than Sun because Moon gives light in night when light is needed but Sun gives light in day when light is notCheer up! If u r sometimes feeling a little useless,

1st Ever Intelligent Sardar Answer

Teacher: what do u call a person who cannot hear anything?

Doctor Suggested Full Body Xray to Sardar

Sardar said to doctor: Pore jism main kahin bhi ungli lagao to bohat dard hota hai, Doctor suggested full body Xray

Bimari in Bollywood Style SMS Funny Text Message

BIMARI in bollywood style:- . 1. Jiya jale jaan jale, raat bhar dhuwaa chale= FEVER . 2. Tarap tarap k is dil se Aah nikalti rahi= HEART ATTACK. . 3BIMARI in bollywood style:-

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