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Shab e Baraat 2012: forgive me SMS


shab e barat by riswanjavaid Shab e Baraat 2012: forgive me SMS

Shb-e-barat is coming. Maybe my name is written in the list of those people

who shall die this year and maybe I’ll never meet U again.

So I humbly request U , to please forgive me and my mistakes,

which I made. I am very very very sorry for all my mistakes.

Its my real feelings . Pray 4 Me.’

shab e barat Shab e Baraat 2012: forgive me SMS

I’m sorry,If I hurt u..If I ignord u..If I teasd u..

If I was nt able 2 prove myself a good person..

I’m sorry 4 evrthng..BCuz 15th of shaban is near,

May b my leaf fall away & may be this would b last year of my life..

Im sorry If I ever brought a single tear in ur eyes..

Plz forgive me..Frndx…’

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