Lovely Sunday Morning Quotes with Images for Facebook Status

Waking up in a Sunday Morning is always the best mornings for me. Not just because it’s a weekend but especially because it’s another day for me to perform my duties at Church. Being able to go to Church and thank God for everything he’s done to me, giving Him back all the glory and honor. It is such a wonderful feeling!

I hope you all have a happy and bless Sunday! :

Lovely Sunday Morning Quotes with Images for Facebook Status

I Wish That You Start Your Day In The Right Tone And End It With The Same Note. Wish You A Very Good Sunday Morning And I Hope You Spend Each Moment Of This Day With A Lot Of Happiness. Happy Sunday

Never use anybody in life because wen somebody keeps on suffering because of u its not because he’s weak but because he values your smile more than himself. Good Morning of New Sunday

Sun arises when moon sets… Moon arise when sun sets… When Saturday goes….. Sunday comes up…. Spend your Happy Sunday with your family & not in the Office…

Today Is Sunday, The Only Guaranteed Holiday Of The Week Why Don’t You Forget About You Worries Of The Week For A Moment And Enjoy It? 7 Days Is Too Long To Wait For The Next One.

Make This Sunday A Very Lazy One Lie In Bed Late If You Want To And Forget About The Chores. Forget The Fast Lane And Take It Easy Today. Have A Great Sunday!