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Jumatul Wida Farewell Friday

It is the last Friday of Ramadan, which many Muslims deem to be of important significance. For people who usually don’t attend jummah everyone defiantly attends on this day, on this Jummah or attend at the bigger mosques, that they normally don’t attend.


Juma tul Vida Mubarak


Allah ne ramadan k 3 ashray or in ashron k lye 3 duaen banai hen. Lekin shayd hum mein se koi b in duaun ki qadr nai janta. Ye pehla ashra hen is k sirf 4 din baki hen. Bray mehrbani pehle ashrey ki dua yad kr ke is ko kasrat se dohrate rahein aj hi se. allah k boht bada inaam he ye dua.

Jumatul Wida Mubarik

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