Happy New Year 2013 Wishes & Greetings

  1. Happy New Year 2013
    The spirit of New Year is all about
    Hope, Love and Joyful living
    Happy New Year 2012!
    Best wishes to all my friends!
  2. Happy New Year To You
    Wishing You A day filled With Love
    Beacause You Are Filled My Life With Love
    Happy New Year To You
  3. Bring Pleasure
    May all Your special Memories and
    Happy Times You Are
    Knowm Bring Pleasure Specially for You
    Im wishing you a Happy New Year
  4. May the New Year Brings A Beautiful
    May the New Year Brings A Beautiful dawn
    to your which is colorful and pleasant as you are
    Happy New Year My Cute Dear
  5. hapPy nEW yEaR
    May the light of success & Achievement
    always shine on you the year & ever after 2012
    hapPy nEW yEaR
  6. Cheers to the new year
    Cheers to the new year
    dont moum over the past as it wont
    come back rejoice over the challenges
    with happiness and optimism
    Happy New Year
  7. Wish you a Great
    Wish you a Great, Prosperous
    Blissfull, Healthy, Bright, Delightful
    Mind Blowing, Energetic, Terrific
    and Extremely
    Happy New Year of 2012
  8. Dew Drop Of New Hope
    Same old smiles
    Same old Tears
    Same old sorrows
    same old cheers
    once again
    its new year….
    on the top
    lets have
    a dew drop of
    new hope
  9. Make You Happy
    May your dreams blossom
    and make you happy in many
    ways have a wonderful
    NEw Year Take Care