Happy Friendship Day Poems SMS 2012

  • Dosti Main Jina Dosti Main Marna,
    Himmat Na Ho To Dosti Na Karna,
    Zindagi Nahi Hame Doston Se Pyaari,
    Doston Ke Liye Hai Zindagi Hamari.
  • A Best Friend!A Friend That Really Cares,
    All My Secrets I Can Share!
    There When I Need A Hand!
    There To Understand!
    When I Cry,
    She Will Hold!
    If I Am Away,
    She Will Call Me Day By Day!
    If I Need Her At All,
    She’ll Be There To Stand Tall!
    Anything I Say Will Be Heard,
    She Will Listen Word By Word!
    If I Am Late,
    She Will Open The Gate!
    As She Looks In My Eyes,
    The Sparkle She Realizes!
    She Is The One That Cares,
    And The One That’s There!
    That’s A Best Friend.