Happy Fathers Day Quotes

Dear Dad, sometimes it’s too few words
sometimes it’s too great a distance
that keeps us from saying what we feel
like today it seems you’re a world away
and i’d like to say … wish i could be there
and tell you how much you mean to me

Happy Father’s Day!!

“Delightful And Loving,
Loved And Admired,
Dad, You’re My Hero,
My Life You’ve Inspired.

And When All My Blessings
Are Counted Each Day ,
I Thank God In Heaven
For Dad When I Pray.

Dad Thanks For Your Presence
Throughout Thick And Thin;
You’re More Than A Parent,
You’re My Wonderful Friend.”

Happy Father’s Day!!

F= Forever With His Family
A= Always There For You No Matter What
T= The Only One Who’s There
H= He’s My Hero Till The End
E= Encouraging In Everything I Do
R= Really The Only One…
No One Can Beat Him He’s The Best!!!

Happy Father’s Day!!

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