Happy Birthday SMS Wishes for Son Wallpaper Image

Best Happy Birthday Greetings and Wishes for Son. Birthday Wallpaper Image Pics for Facebook and Social Media.

Birthday Image Wallpaper

Each new day may reminds you many
things, to do but one thing above all.
Bring such a joy to others through your,
Care and Love , that you are just a kind
of personality that this world needs lot
more of !!!!!

I wish you loads of happiness,
To greet you every morning.
I wish you laughter and joyous moments,
To make you feel like a king and make you want to sing.
I wish you years of friendship,
And all the excitement that your birthday can bring.
Wish you a Happy Birthday!

For The Most Beautiful Sister In The Whole World,
As You Celebrate This Beautiful Day,
I Pray That God’s Guidance And Kindness
Will Be Bestowed In You.
Glow And Shine Girl For It Is Your Birthday.
Have A Blast.

I take pride in you being my progeny – as you have lived a life of high morals and values.
May God bestow you with strength and character to tread the path of truthfulness and righteousness.
Happy Birthday, Dear Wonderful Son!

I’m so glad that god gave me a son like you.
I’m so proud to have you as a son.
I see a little more of me in you with each passing year.
No matter how many birthdays come and go, you’ll always be my little boy.
Happy Birthday Son!

You are my soul mate, my partner and most trusted friend. I can’t imagine how my life would be without you. On your birthday, I want to remind you of all the reasons why I love you.