Hajj Mubarak Wishes Cards


O Allah! I turn to You, repose trust in You and seek
Your pleasure. I beseech You to bless my journey,
fulfill my wishes and include me among those
superior to me whom You honor today.

Hajj Mubarak

May Allah’s Blessing Light Ur Way
Strengthen Ur Faith Nd Bring Joy
2 Ur Heart As U Praise Nd Serve Him Today
Tomorrow Nd Always. Hajj Mubarak”

The Blessings Of Hajj The Prophet (PBUH) Said:
Whoever Per4rms Hajj 4r The Sake Of Pleasing
Allah Nd Therein Utters No Word Of Evil
Nor Commits Any Evil Deed, Shall Return 4rm
It As Free 4rm Sin As The Day On Which
His Mother Gave Birth 2 Him.

Prayers & seeds are similar in nature. Both having nothing within, but have the potential of creating everything..!! So remember me in ur prayers

It doesn’t matter if you’re right or wrong, it doesn’t matter if you started that fight or not.. Just do it! Be the one who forgives. Hajj Mubarak


Whenever you are in a position to help someone, just do it and be glad. Because God is answering someone’s prayers through you!

O Allah, Forgive Me All My Sins Great and Small, The First and The Last Those That are Apparent and Those That are Hidden.

Instead of complaining about the youth, try setting yourselves a good example and with the permission of Allah SWT they will look up to you!

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