Good Morning

Good Morning Image

Doubt and Faith both are status of mind.
Doubt creates the darkest moments in our Finest Hour;
While Faith brings finest moments in our Darkest Hour.
Good Morning!

The leaves of a tree do not look green forever;
And roses do not remain blooming forever;
But I pray to god that smile on your lips stays forever.
Good Morning Wishes!

The more you count your blessings, the more blessings you will have, 2 count! I always doo, & I count you as da nicest blessing! God Bless you each day!
Good Morning Quotes!

Your mind is a magnet.
If you think of blessings, you attract blessings;
And if you think of problems, you attract problems.
Always cultivate good thoughts and always remain positive and optimistic.
Have a good morning

A Great thinker was asked, “What is the meaning of Life?”
He Replied, “LIFE itself has no meaning, it’s an opportunity to create a meaning.”
Good Morning!

Don”t be upset and caught up with things or people u cannot change. Instead move on, let go and concentrate on what u can change. Things that enhance your lyf. You deserve to be happy GOOD .MORNING 🙂


A butterfly ~GOOD Morning~