For all the years of your lives: Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary
and May
your marriage be Blessed with love,
joy And companionship
For all the years of your lives!


When measured by miles, you are far away from me;
When measured by thoughts, you are closer to me;
When measured by closed eyes, you are with me;
When measured by heart, you are in me.
Happy Anniversary, My Love!


Life always presents us with many ups and downs;
Through all this, our love still managed to grow:
Different opinions we’ve had about so many things;
But But our love for each other had no attached strings.
Happy Wedding Anniversary!


How true my feelings were
I found out to be The best thing
in my life Was when you married me
Thank you my loving wife(loving Husband),
For the years we share I know one
thing for sure We make a wonderful pair