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Happy Relaxing Weekend Card and Quotes SMS

The weekend is upon us, and I think we should all take time to do the things we love and be around our most cherished family and friends! Happy Friday!

Happy Marriage Card Wallpaper and Text SMS Massage

♥ Husband & Wife ♥ A Bond Of Love, A Medal Of Trust… A Shoulder In Sadness,

Good Night With a Islamic Message for All……..

When will you turn back to Allah and practice your Deen?? ► You say Tomorrow, Tomorrow..!! ► Tomorrow, I will start praying (Salah)..!! ► Tomorrow, I will start wearing a proper Hijab..!!

Hijab Day Islamic SMS Wallpaper Card in Urdu & Poem in...

Beautiful poem on Hijab . . Two little girls playing in the sun one wore a scarf, the other wore none. “Why do you wear a scarf?” asked the one without,

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